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Hidden camera detection is not easy to detect because the camera lens is small, so you have to mix various methods to find it. .AI detection uses AI (artificial intelligence) to find hidden camera lenses.

.When the camera lens is small and it is not distinguished, the cellular phone has closely adhered to the object which is suspected by using the electromagnetic wave detection function and it detects.

The camera infrared ray can not be distinguished by the human eye, but the mobile phone camera can distinguish the infrared ray.
If it looks white through the infrared detection function, it is an infrared lens.
App Usage – app usage monitor
Checks the app usage time for by date

Best Popup Ad Detector App

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Mobile Data Usage – data usage management: You can check which apps a user has used for how many hours during the day, by apps

App installed information: To help efficient apps management by providing the statistical data for installation date and size of apps

  • My Wi-Fi
  • Who uses my wifi,
  • Check if any devices you do not know are connected.
  • Check if my wifi is safe.
Instagram Video SplitterCalendar Vault App
Image to PDF ConverterNotification Light

Process kill-up Internet Speed: Terminates the unnecessary apps in the background to enhance the speed of smartphones

AD Detector – pop up ads detector (Does not Ad-block) Help you Adblock and ad scanner and remove any app that includes push ads or banner ads

List of apps running in the background

Hidden Apps Detector
.You can find apps that don’t have icons in the list or detect hidden malicious apps.

The main feature of this application is to find hidden apps or scan the entire app on my phone, so I can easily detect hidden apps on my phone.

Best Popup Ad Detector App

Dangerous App permissions: Show apps that contain many dangerous permissions

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