Best Image to PDF Converter App With Photo Editor

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Sometimes we try to convert our photos to PDF, in such cases we may need the help of some Image to PDF Converter applications.

So we are going to look at this website for an application that can meet your need, while at the same time not causing any fear for your security.

Why Need Image to PDF Converter App

Some will work in school colleges or students will try to convert some photos into PDF for their school course or college course, which they will need too.

So we have taken a great Image to PDF Converter application from Google Play Store to help you in this matter, we have given more information about that application below and you can use it after reading it clearly.

Image to PDF Converter App

About Of Image to PDF Converter App

Image to PDF Converter – Photo Editor App is an easy-to-use, fastest and convert multiple image files to one PDF file offline. JPG to PDF converter or PNG to PDF converter.

Compress PDF files: Reduce PDF size through compression. Set the image quality – low, medium, high, original

Photo Editing Features: You can crop, rotate, highlight anything using a pen, filter, or adjust brightness before converting it to a PDF file

Share converted PDF files: Easily send and share converted PDF files via social media, WhatsApp, Email, Bluetooth, quick share, etc.

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Image to PDF Converter App Premium Features

  • Converting image to PDF right from gallery or capture photo from camera
  • Supported to convert jpeg/jpg to pdf, png to pdf or bmp to pdf
  • Re-arrange the images, by holding and dragging images
  • Create password protected PDF document
  • Sort images automatically by date, name or size if desired.
  • Use the cropping and scaling tools to optimize your images to create best PDF file.
  • Easily share documents in PDF with friends in a variety of ways.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use using tool JPG to PDF Converter
Image to PDF Converter – Photo Editor

Nowadays Top Review:

Noorpreet Kaur: This is a good app but we cannot perform the crop function. I would highly appreciate it if the developers will work on this ( crop feature should be like Adobe scan). Then this app will be great and even more beneficial. But overall this app is good.

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