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It would be better for us not to let others see the applications we have on mobile. Yes, at the moment we store all our information on mobile, just as they know the full biodata if they know the secret about our mobile.

As such, sometimes we leave our mobile alone for charging, sometimes friends have to buy our mobile, how to hide our own information in such situations? This suspicion is there for everyone, I have come here to help.

However, we can only do this with a special oops app lock for the android application. You can get the link to download this oops app lock application here.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to know clearly what the creator of this has to say about it. We know you are interested in using this, so come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

About Of Opps App Lock On Google Play Store

Addictive tips, Lifehacker reviews the app as unique. “Hilariously brilliant and effective.” – Android Authority.

Oops! application locker does not use any on-screen password ie. pin-based or a pattern-based locking system.

We use the volume key pattern as the password. You can make any pattern using volume keys, like UP UP DOWN UP.

Oops! AppLock 404 Error

More Feature On Opps AppLock

  • Oops, Applock is Totally invisible.
  • Oops, Applock ScreenLock is the safest screen lock.
  • Using Oops Applock ScreenLock nobody can unlock your phone.
  • Using Oops Applock ScreenLock nobody even notice the phone is locked.
  • Oops, Applock ScreenLock has different styles to choose from.
  • Oops, Applock is the Most secure way to lock apps.
  • Nobody even notices your app is locked with Oops Applock.
  • Oops, Applock is Simple.
  • Oops, Applock is Fun to use.
  • Fool friends with custom backgrounds using Oops Applock.
  • Oops, Applock can lock any applications.
  • You can set different backgrounds for the lock screen on every locked App with Oops Applock.
  • The transparent and Black background makes it as if your application is stuck.
Oops! AppLock 404 Error

Tip- While choosing the custom background, make sure it matches your screen size to avoid the clarity of the image.

Oops, AppLock uses the Device Administrator permission. Please activate AppLock as “device administrator”. It’s only used for preventing intruders from uninstalling Oops AppLock. Happy Locking.

Oops! AppLock 404 Error

Nowadays Top Review:

Francis Zeta: I already own this app and pay the amount but still there is an advertisement pls fix this issue and make some new features like the disguise app so that it would not be searchable on the play store. Nice app but still need improvements

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