Image to PDF Converter App 2022

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This app is basically designed to convert any jpg or png image into pdf file format with the help of an image to pdf converter.

The image to pdf converter scans the image and converts it to a pdf file format.

The pdf file format is a file format which is a widely used and trusted file format for legal and industrial purposes.

Pdf file formats are highly compatible, preventing editing and copying.


  • Easy to install.
  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Free image to pdf converter app.
  • Basically a pdf creator or pdf maker from photos.
  • Conversion is easy and consumes less time.
  • Lightweight application and does not drain phone battery.
  • Powerful pdf converter tool.
  • The resultant pdf can be easily saved in the phone library.
  • One tap mechanism.
  • No size barrier for the image to be subjected to image to pdf converter.
  • Once installed, no further internet connection is required.
  • Effective and efficient in functioning.
Image to PDF Converter App Play Store
  • Image to pdf converter is a high utility app used for easy and smooth conversion of jpg to pdf file format.
  • The image to pdf converter app provides a rich user experience and is a reliable app.
  • The resultant pdf can be easily sent over social platforms.

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