Best Instagram Video Splitter App

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Split long videos into multiple parts of specific duration and post them on Status without any limits.

How does it work?

This App lets you Split long duration videos into several video parts to share them further on Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.
The best thing is that you do not need any internet access as this app works offline also! So now this WhatsApp Video Status Splitter App allows you to post long videos on Status!

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Story Splitter allows you to split/trim your videos in two ways

  1. You choose custom duration by moving the duration slider back and forth.
  2. Select the desired social media app icon where you’re willing to post the selected video and Video Splitter will specify the duration for you automatically.

When you’re done, processing will take just a few seconds as we have optimized the app for faster processing. Afterwards, share your video on WhatsApp Status or other social media or you can also save it in your Phone’s Gallery!

Best Instagram Video Splitter App

More Advantages Of Instagram Video Splitter App

• helps save storage when you want to share large videos on social media.
• App automatically sets the status/story duration allowed by the social media platform you select.
• With Custom Duration Slider, you can split the videos into as many parts as you want.
• No Loss of Video Quality!
• Preview the video result from the App directly.
• No time limit in our ‘Video Splitter’
• Low size app, doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions.

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7 LANGUAGES SUPPORT: The app automatically switches its language based on your phone’s language. It is available to use in English, Indonesian, Français, Español, हिन्दी, Portugês and Arabic!

Important: “WhatsApp” and “Instagram” is the copyright of WhatsApp Inc & Instagram respectively. This app is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by either of them.

Best Instagram Video Splitter App

Santa Maria: This works great! I’ve changed to it after the other splitter didn’t work properly. I have just started using this app and it suits my needs fine!

If you find anything misleading or copyrighted in this app, please email us at before reporting and we will remove it in 24-48 hours!

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