Torch Vault, Hide Photos and Videos App 2022

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With this Torch Vault, Hide Photos and Videos App 2022 that looks normal to look at, you can hide all the things that make up your important photos in the back.

It contains all the files that you think your videos and photos should not be known to others, here you can hide them very securely.

The main feature of this application is that you can hide the treasured information that will bring back good memories in the future to the extent that others may not even think about it.

Also, this application can be used as it is taken from the official website Play Store, as all the information collected from there is clear below, take a moment to read and download and use it.

Touch Lock PasswordCalendar Vault App
Smart Screen LockBest Gallery Vault

play store details torch vault app

This app is disguised as a Flashlight app, which can be used to turn on/off LED lights. But if you long-press the torch title, the real vault will open and you can hide the photos and videos you want.

Hide and save your photos and videos from your mobile gallery and easily access them using the password or fingerprint lock (if available on your phone) in the torch vault app.

Main Features

  1. Hide photos and videos
  2. Hide audio files
  3. Unlocking by password and fingerprint
  4. Save files to google drive whenever you want, so you can transfer them to another phone whenever you want.
Anti Theft SOSPicture Password
Magic Fake ScreenIndicator Safe Dots
Torch Vault, Hide Photos and Videos App 2022

Nowadays Top Review:

Arham Khan: I secured the data but I’m trying to open it doesn’t work why?

Reply of GSW Connect: Olá, Arham! Para abrir o aplicativo, mantenha pressionado a palavra “lanterna” na tela on-off. Após isso você pode colocar sua senha. Qualquer dúvida adicional, nos envie no e-mail Estamos à disposição para lhe ajudar!

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