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We are going to look at a special application to increase security on mobile. With this application, we can easily protect the information even if we call others or others call us.

This application in particular is designed to ensure the safety of women. Stay tuned to our website for feedback on developing this application and to benefit from downloading it.

About Of Call lock Fingerprint Lock App

Fingerprint Lock, Pattern lock, App Lock, Call lock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any app you choose.

Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy to Ensure security. AppLock, pattern App lock, and incoming calling security lock app contain pattern lock which strongly secure and protect your private call in your absence.

Fingerprint App Lock, Pattern Apps Lock, Pin Lock have three options to lock your apps by using Fingerprint, pin code, and pattern. Fingerprint app lock can be switched to PIN LOCK, Fingerprint Lock and Pattern Lock.

Applock Fingerprint, Pin & Pattern app lock, secure call lock that allows you to use your fingerprint sensor to lock apps.

Best Fingerprint Lock, Pattern lock, App Lock, Call lock

Users can also, use a pattern or create a numeric PIN applications

Pattern and fingerprint, Incoming Call Lock is an amazing feature that will allow you to lock your incoming calls it means nobody else will receive your incoming calls without a PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint.

incoming call Lock, security lock is the best security app to lock your incoming calls from anyone else other than you.

Incoming call lock will protect your phone’s Incoming call to be picked by someone else. The incoming call security lock will not allow anyone to see the caller’s number, name, or any other details as the pattern screen will be up on the screen. Incoming call security lock gives you the flexibility to use it as per your instruction.

App Lock and Incoming Call Security Lock is a private call & privacy app which gives you relief from unwanted persons who can receive your private and personal calls in your absence.

Best Fingerprint Lock, Pattern lock, App Lock, Call lock App
  1. Enable or Disable Lock for Apps by a simple checkbox!
  2. Add the apps from the list you want to lock with app lock.
  3. Lock setting to prevent misuse of the phone to change the system settings!
  4. Privacy lock, to prevent others from seeing your album, video, and a variety of sensitive applications!
  5. Pattern Lock simple and fresh interface, unlock faster!
  6. Enable or disable fingerprint by simply a check box.
  7. Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.
  8. Fingerprint Incoming Call Lock Features:
  9. Incoming Call Lock has the option to Enable/Disable Lock for Incoming calls.
  10. Incoming call security lock has the option to Set your pattern lock for the incoming call screen.
  11. Incoming call lock secure your calls even on headphones by just enable the option in settings.
  12. You can set a number of wrong attempts in settings and the call will be disconnected on wrong attempts.
  13. Incoming call security lock has the option to show the name of the caller or not.
  14. Incoming call locks have the option to select your private numbers and set patterns on calls from those selected private numbers.
  15. Incoming call security locks have the option to set patterns on all incoming calls.
  16. Incoming call locks have the option to add numbers to the white list just in case you lost your phone so you could call your number and someone can pick it up. There will be no security on numbers added to the white list.

Fingerprint app lock General Features:

  • Change Pattern Security in App Lock and Incoming Call Lock.
  • Add fingerprint option from advance setting by just enabling a checkbox.
  • Feature to set any color of the background and the font and pattern dots.
  • Change PIN Security in App Lock and Incoming Call Lock.
  • Feature to set any background from the gallery.
Best Fingerprint Lock, Pattern lock, App Lock, Call lock App»

Note: This App uses permissions of usage access, reads contacts to secure the call, and reads phone state for call.

We really want to improve the quality of our free android application if you find any issue write us in the review section with 5 stars on the play store.

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