Best Gallery Vault With Dialer App

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We have the idea of ​​hiding the photos and videos of our loved ones from others, and nowadays most of the photos are taken on mobile and they are stored on mobile.

In a situation like this, sometimes when we are separated on our mobile, we seek the help of many applications so that others do not see the photos and videos on our mobile.

Best Gallery Vault With Dialer

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. But the fact that we are hiding means we have to hide our favorite photos and videos to the extent that they do not know.

We have selected a special Gallery Vault Dialer application to help with this matter, taken from the Google Play Store Gallery Vault Dialer app, we have provided all the information about this app for you.

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About Of Gallery Vault With Dialer App

gallery Vault Dialer – Hide Photos & Videos is an app that has facilities to hide personal Images, Videos, Files, Audio, or many more in a safe vault gallery.

Make safer your images or many more into Vault gallery through our Dialer Gallery Vault App. t is easy and simple to store your all selected files into a hiding gallery to hide from your regular mobile gallery.

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App has the option to hide your all things with a passcode so don’t worry no one can spy on your Vault app without your permission. Hide your images or many more with the best facilities like direct delete, add images, or many more for free.

Gallery Vault Dialer – Hide Photos & Videos also provide the best option to Make a Fake ID Passcode with that no one can idea about your hidden files. Personalize your choice of real and fake passcode to keep safe all files with our app. Gallery Vault Dialer – Hide Photos & Videos, has all smart options to keep safe your files into vault gallery-like.

Gallery Vault With Dialer 2022
  • Hide Photos
  • Hide Videos
  • Hide Audios
  • Hide Files

or also allow changing setting like…

  1. Change password
  2. Set Fake pin
  3. Password recovery
  4. Security Question
  • Dialer Gallery Vault
  • Easy to Hide any files
  • Fingerprint Lock
  • Passcode Recovery using the security question
  • Fake Passcode that displays empty vault
  • Safe and Secure Gallery vault
  • Slideshow view available
  • Simple to use
  • Clear User Interface
  • Free Secret Vault app to keep safe and hide your files
  • Keep safe your Images, Videos, Audios, files

Gallery Vault Dialer – Hide Photos & Videos is special design to view all files into one safe folder. It looks simple as a call dialer app but it has all best functionality to hide your all files into the Vault gallery.

App provides a safe way to hide your files securely in mobile and it also provides facilities get recovery of your password to incase if you forgot it. According to app design, everybody will think that this is only a Call Dialer app but only you know that this is a Dialer Gallery vault behind the Call Dialer.

Gallery Vault With Dialer

Nowadays Top Review:

Sarika Kesar: Not able to get my hide photos back. Rediculous

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