What Is Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp

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Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp is about studying SMS anonymously in the WhatsApp application, this is what we are going to discuss in this web article. And we are going to recommend you an application related to this, there are some pros and cons, some disadvantages are likely to happen, you can know this clearly.

What is Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp?

WhatsApp, for example, is now associated with mobile purchases and has been used by millions, but nowadays WhatsApp offers key features, but does not provide such features. Maybe if you want to do things like this, some Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp applications will have to seek my help, but WhatsApp has not always recommended this.

Best Hide Blue Ticks App

But it does use the Hide Blue Ticks app to hide the SMS sent by others, but some problems can occur only when using an application that is not recommended by Whatsapp. If you are interested in using an application like this we have put together an application for you, which is taken from Google’s official Play Store and information about it is given below.

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About Of Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp App

Have your friends deleted Whatsapp messages they sent before you can read them? This app saves “Deleted messages” by the sender on WhatsApp.

Want to read messages without the other person knowing about it? Then this app is for you. ‘Bluetick, read hider’ makes it simple, secure, and fast.

Designed for chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messenger, this app shows you the messages received on any of these apps. You can read the messages from this app instead of going to that chat app. Simple! It hides blue checks or read receipts or read status for various chat applications.

Also, did you like your friend’s WhatsApp status and want to save/share it with others? This app has the feature of downloading and sharing WhatsApp status videos and photos.

What Is Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp

Salient features of this app

  • Supported apps Whatsapp (hide Blue double check and no last seen), Telegram (hide blue tick), Facebook messenger (no message read tick), Viber (no message read).
  • Reads deleted messages by the sender
  • Saves list of messages for reading it any time, and identifier for unread messages.
  • Includes both Single and Group chats, for whatsapp, telegram and facebook.
  • Reply feature for WhatsApp
  • List of Images, Videos, Audios and Voice notes for supporting apps like Whatsapp, Telegram. (Media Auto download should be on for that app)
  • App wise grouping of chats.
  • Options to enable/disable chats for required chat apps.
  • Fluent UI and material design.
  • No need of any hack like turning off internet connection.
  • Localization support for major languages.
  • Save and share WhatsApp Status images / video / gif from your friend.
  • So, now enjoy reading this messages in advance and get prepared for the reply. The app provides you an interface, for the list of messages for each chat.
  • Silently read all the messages and be prepared for the situations. Nobody will actually know, when you read the messages.
What Is Hide Blue Ticks On Whatsapp

Nowadays Top Review:

Naz Mantasha: Everything is perfect, the only app which allows us to reply secretly as well. But the drawback is that it has no access to status and media part. I need to go to Whatsapp if I have to view status or download any media or picture received from the other end.

So here is what you can do, just read your messages from the invisible reader, and when you are ready to reply, go to that chat app. No blue ticks, no read receipts, no last seen, no read status. Stay hidden, stay foolish 😉

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