Picture Password Lock Screen Application

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Sometimes our mobile is locked and locked by any kind of applications that are easily found by the viewers, we are going to see a good application today to prevent this completely.

You may consider what is such a special feature in this application, there is definitely a key feature in it. That means you can keep photos and lock your mobile screen, so it is a very efficient application.

Benefits of Picture Password Lock Screen

You can make sure that it is a smart working Picture Password Lock Screen application. Pack your mobile with photos by using this application. Therefore your friends or relatives will not know about your application easily. So they are sure to fail in your attempt to unlock your mobile.

All the information about this application is given below in our web article and we hope you enjoy reading it carefully. Below you will also have the opportunity to download this application.

Picture Password Lock Screen Application 2022

About Of Picture Password for android

This is an application that allows the locking screen of your phone in a completely new way. Only with a unique key code in the range of 0 to 9 and a point you select in the image on the screen.

With the lock screen unique, diverse, beautiful fonts, many different customized to respond to all your wishes, will help give you a secure phone, personality, and distinct.

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  1. Set picture password level II (this password need when you update the password and when you forget password unlock you will need it)
  2. Select a photo from the list available.
  3. Choose any number from 0 to 9 from the screen.
  4. Set that number (which is enclosed by a circle) on any part of the photo by fingers.
  5. Drag the number you choose into a part of the photo you choose to confirm and this is also the key to unlock the screen.
  1. Drag the number you choose into a part of the photo you choose to confirm.
  2. If the password is incorrect 10 times you need to input password level2 to unlock it.

The functionality in this version

  • Settings widget screen
  • Install the passcode for the picture password
  • Customize the enable/disable lock passcode.
  • Customize color, font, format display time waiting for screen outside.
Picture Password Lock Screen Application

Nowdays Top Review:

Leo Daniel: I love your app. But in Oreo, the app’s background activity keeps closing. I’d recommend making a persistent notification so that the apps stay open always.

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