Hidden Chat With Recover Deleted Messages

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Are you looking for a great, comprehensive way to read WhatsApp messages in incognito mode and hide blue ticks? ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages allows you to see all messages without informing your contacts that you have actually read those messages. It’s the best incognito mode app for WhatsApp. ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages allows users to view incoming WhatsApp messages without being seen or their privacy violated, with the hide blue tick feature you can view all messages.

Chat Incognito

It’s time to take back your privacy on social networks and chat apps. It’s not OK for most of us to have WhatsApp show when and how we read messages. That’s what ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages does for you! You have now the freedom to read your friend’s incoming messages incognito, without leaving any seen notices, blue checkmarks and online status.

ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages will help you to hide your last seen mode and no one will know that you have read all the receiving text messages. ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages do not need to be offline or remove internet connection while you can read the entire conversation. The best part is that no worry about check ticks, blue ticks. ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages provides you with the most advanced way to appear offline on all social media messaging apps.

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WhatsApp Media Recovery

How annoying it is when your friends delete their messages before you can see them? You just found the solution. ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages is the one tool that enables you to recover text messages and any media attachment (pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs and stickers)

Hidden Chat With Recover Deleted Messages 2022

How does it work?

All messages are encrypted on your device so ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages can’t access them directly. The only possible solution available is to read incoming notifications and create a chat backup from the notification history. ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages does not access any encrypted files. All data is securely stored on your device

  1. Supported Apps
  2. WhatsApp
  3. WhatsApp Business
  4. Instagram
  5. Facebook Messenger
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All Key Features

  • Read and reply to messages incognito
  • Send messages to unsaved phone numbers no last seen
  • Recover deleted messages for offline chat
  • View and send images without blue ticks
  • Listen and send voice notes
  • Start calls in-app
  • Completely hidden!
  • Required Permissions
  • Notifications – ghosted requires notification access permission to receive incoming messages
  • Contacts – ghosted requires contacts permission to open new chats in WhatsApp
  • External Files – ghosted requires external files permission to monitor media from WhatsApp
  • Optional Permissions
  • Calls – ghosted requires calls permission to start calls in-app
  • Camera – ghosted requires camera permission to take pictures in-app
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Hidden Chat With Recover Deleted Messages

Om: All the reviews are fake. believe it or not, this app is extremely dangerous. This app can see every text on your mobile including transactions. I really don’t recommend this app. Playstore should take down such a delicate privacy app that contain explicit ads. Don’t use it if you care about your privacy 🔏. This app is not worthy. Edit: I want to highlight the fact all reviews are way too generic and positive. I suspect these are bots or paid reviews. You can be your own judge!

Reply For Small Bro Tech: Hi, user privacy is our top priority. Users have the choice to allow certain permissions which are described in the app store. Users are free to deny or stop any access to the app. All messages received are encrypted and saved to the user’s device. No data is uploaded from the user’s devices. Advertising is managed by Google Admob. Please reconsider!

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