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Nowadays everyone is focusing on WhatsApp status, Instagram status, and Facebook stories, as well as the youtube shorts app.

Create and upload great videos and audio for this. Women like things like this very much.

As such, how much better it would be if you got an Audio Status Maker App. This application is a very special Audio Status Maker application and has received a lot of credit.

What does the creator of this application say? The information we are going to look at here is very clear on how to download this.

We will also learn how to download it and use it to amaze others.

About Of Audio Status Maker App and Maker!

Have you ever wished that you could easily post that part of a song or audio that you think is amazing? Well, Audio Status Maker lets you do just that.

With Audio Status Maker you can pick or record audio from your library, trim the audio to pick the part that you want to share, and then convert it to an audio status by either choosing from a selection of several backgrounds.

Also, available in the app or use your own custom image as the background. You can then show off your creativity by adding text, stickers, filters, or drawings on top of your status to give it that extra edge.

You can share this status on WhatsApp or any other social media platform and it will work! Try it. Gone are the days when you would need to cover the camera just to post yourself singing.

Audio Status Maker App in 2021

Feature Of Audio Status Maker app:

Audio Editing: Audio Status Maker provides you with sophisticated and easy-to-use audio editing features that make it easy to create your status.

It supports many popular audio formats such as MP3, AMR, WAV, and M4A. It includes an audio trimmer and an inbuilt audio visualizer with five different zoom levels that allows you to choose any portion of your audio to make your status.

Audio Statuses/Stories Made Easy: Audio Status Maker lets you create an audio status or story that can be shared on all popular social media.

It provides you with several customization options to show off your creativity. You can use your own audio from your library or the inbuilt high-quality sound recorder to make your audio status.

Audio Status Maker App

Text Statuses Taken To A Whole New Level

Allows you to create amazing text statuses by choosing from a selection of several gorgeous fonts available in the app. You can then choose to combine your text status with the audio or just post it as it is.

Custom Status Backgrounds: Includes several crisps, bright and colorful backgrounds for your status. Also lets you create a status using your own custom images from the gallery or camera as the background.

Image Editing: This allows you to add image stickers to your statuses, including the ability to create your own stickers from the gallery.

It provides you with several vibrant filters to enhance your images and also provides a brush tool that you can use to draw on your image.

Best Review:

Ambrose Amber: It’s really a nice app… I am really glad that apps like this exist…. It makes to express yourself more in songs and write up and also in pictures just that I the songs playing in the background should have a hiding feature instead of dragging it to the corner of the screen that’s why I am giving it a 4-star rating if not its a nearly perfect app for status

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