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Usually buying a mobile phone at a high cost is to impress others, in that sense, our mobile display is the most reflective on our mobile.

We will make a lot of efforts to make the display more beautiful, but with the help of some App For Always on Display we can easily achieve this. We are going to suggest to you that it is a great Always on Display application.

All the information like downloading and using this Always on Display application is clearly given. It is noteworthy that all your friends and relatives will be amazed by Always on Display, read this article carefully to know this information.

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About Of Mobile Customize, Fresh & Clean App

Always on AMOLED (AOA) is a unique always-on display that provides you with information about your notifications with edge lighting, clock, date, current weather, music control, and much more right on your screen without having to touch your phone or tablet.

Our app is free and contains NO intrusive Ads. It was designed to use 0% CPU, and low system resources while keeping your screen on to view all the important details.


Samsung: If you get this message when this app activates over lock screen “Touch input is blocked”, then please go to your device Settings -> Display, and uncheck/disable/toggle off “Block accidental touches”. This will allow the app to work as intended and won’t show your bottom navigation bar or give you that warning again; Also WQHD+ resolution setting is recommended.

Huawei: If you get the navigation buttons showing on the always-on display then please go to your device’s settings and search for acci and deactivated Mistouch prevention.

  • right to hide
  • Many clocks such as animated, analog, or digital
  • Screen brightness control
  • HD Backgrounds
  • launcher shortcuts such as calendar, flashlight, camera, calculator
  • Fully customizable with many settings; Set colors, icons, fonts, text size
  • Automatic rules for better battery life
  • The auto movement to prevent AMOLED burn-in
  • Pocket mode option
  • Themes – Default, One UI, Stickers
  • AOD
  • Battery status display
  • Multiple screen orientations
  • Calendar view with events
  • Root (Superuser) compatible
  • Edge Lighting with custom colors and styles
  • Fingerprint, and biometric unlock
  • SMS message reply
  • Interactive notifications with action buttons; Swipe left to dismiss,
  • Memo option with sticky notes
  • Notch support
  • Sketch pad to take notes, or draw on the go
  • Compatible with all screens such as AMOLED, OLED, LCD
  • Curved edge option for square displays
  • Notification with badge count
  • Glance Display which activates only on notifications
  • Time Rules for custom start/end times
Always on Display app


Sometimes your Android device will decide to terminate the app’s service randomly; In order to prevent this please check if your device has a battery manager and disable battery optimization for AOA.

If your device is not in the list below, please do a Google search for “background service apps stopping (Add your device name)”.

If you are having difficulties finding battery optimization; Try searching for “Battery Optimization” in your android settings.

General Devices and Supported Device

  • Go into device settings.
  • Apps & notifications.
  • Special app access.
  • Battery optimization.
  • Select the down arrow at the top and choose “All Apps”.
  • Select AOA.
  • Select Don’t Optimize.
Always on Display 2021

Open your Huawei smartphone’s battery settings.
Access the App launch settings on your Huawei.
Find AOA, and turn off its switch to “Manage manually.” You will immediately see a prompt where you are asked what kind of activities you want to allow the app to perform. To eliminate all issues, its a good idea to have all modes selected such as “Auto-launch,” “Secondary launch,” and “Run in background”.

  • Open the Settings menu on your Xiaomi device.
  • Tap Battery & performance from Settings.
  • Tap Manage apps battery usage.
  • Tap Choose apps from Manage apps’ battery usage.
  • Tap Installed apps and choose AOA.
  • Tap No restrictions.
  • Open the Settings on your OnePlus device and tap Advanced.
  • Tap Recent app management.
  • Tap Normal clear to clear the task list and cache without clearing the background process.
  • Lock AOA in Recent Apps.
  • Go into device Settings.
  • Search for Optimize Battery Usage.
  • Select All Apps from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the switch to the off position for AOA from being automatically optimized.
Always on Display

Nowadays Top Review:

Dan Neuwirth: Well, another AOA update and another total breakage. App launches, but shortly thereafter goes to a black screen and now the phone must be rebooted just to open. Clearing cache and rebooting didn’t fix. My phone is totally hung up if AOA is running for more than 1-2 minutes. General rule: NEVER update AOA.

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