Screen Touch Locker App For Android

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Nowadays everyone uses touch mobile, there is one big thing in this touch screen mobile, which is that sometimes our mobile touch does some work by mistake.

In some cases, things like automatic phone calls, some photos, videos open automatically.

We are going to see what is the best Screen Touch Locker App For Android to stop this.

The opportunity to download this Screen Touch Locker application is available at the bottom of this web article, while you can find out more about it here.

Aout Of Screen Touch Locker App On Play Store

Screen touch locker app will lock the touch screen while listening to music or watching videos.

Block screen touch disables the touch while you watch videos, it locks the screen and prevents touches of navigational buttons.

Touch Screen Locker for Video Players helps the video player to watch the video, avoiding unwanted touches.

Screen Touch Locker Features

  • Easily disable your touch screen.
  • Lock your phone screen with a touch button.
  • All actions are in a single and double-tap.
  • Small size application.
  • Quickly activate or deactivate the touch lock from notification.
  • Automatically shows a floating lock icon over the video player.
  • Shake device to lock screen or block screen touch.
  • Can enable air gestures to unlock the screen.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Internet free app.

Download the app now and lock your screen touch when you listen to music or watch the movies.

Screen Touch Locker App For Android 2021

Block touch screen

  • You can enable animation, vibration, and sound.
  • Quick unlock by double, triple, and quadruple click
  • Can block hardware buttons like home, recent, back, and volume key.
  • You can enable, automatically unblock when receiving calls.
  • Enable the screen on and also fix Netflix to stop playing.
  • You can also enable air gesture lock and wave your hand over the proximity sensor to unlock the screen.

Notification panel

  1. Ease to enable/disable the button on the notification panel.
  2. Select the home screen icons to get displayed on the notification panel.
  3. Get the lock screen or block screen touch by a single tap.

Shake the phone

  1. Enable/disable the shake phone action.
  2. In the shake option, you can select lock screen or block touch screen.
  3. Can select the shake detection sensitivity as low, medium, and high sensitivity.

An additional setting option is given by Touch Screen Protector. Know what is all included in the Touch Screen Protector app.

Screen Touch Locker App For Android

Home Screen Button

  1. Choose the home screen icon for Touch Lock.
  2. You can give the button name as per your wish.
  3. You can give button action as lock screen or block screen touch.

Floating button Feature

  • Firstly, enable the display floating button.
  • You can vary button size and opacity.
  • Select the desired floating buttons from the given buttons.
  • Easily enable/disable auto-hide in block screen mode.
  • You can select the actions of button single tap, double-tap, and long-press as lock screen or block touch screen.
  • Enable/disable auto-hide when selected apps are displayed.
Screen Touch Locker App For Android

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