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Generally, if we want to beautify our mobile phone, we must first beautify the display of our mobile phone.

When the display is fitted with a variety of colorful photos that are supposed to be beautiful, it will amaze the eyes of the beholder.

To make this possible we may need the help of some Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds applications.

These applications mean a lot of things. Today we are going to look at one of the best performing Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds applications.

About 5 lakh people have downloaded and used this app store. Also, it has a good name.

What does the creator say about this? How to download this? Come see clearly what are the highlights of this.

Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds

About Of Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors Application!

Change how your phone looks with this app. Have it customized and personal. The awesome special look only your phone has!

Many cool backgrounds are available for free users. Endless options to customize your status bar (notification bar), your notch, your S10 front cameras, and your phone. And many more are coming!

Supposed phones Models

Supposed to works best for recent phones (18:9, 19:9, etc screen ratio) and phones with Notch or Amoled display (Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, LG G7, Oneplus 6 and 6T, Note 9, Galaxy S9, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, P20 Pro, etc). Preferably Android 8.0 and up.

Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds

Main Future:

  • Now only works on Android 6.0 and up
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • No Root is needed.

Features include:

Add your own custom-made pictures to set the Status Bar background. Option to choose any picture to be your Status Bar background for FREE!

Create a new second screen by customizing and color your Status Bar or Top Bar. Can be just a simple solid color or gradient colors (up to 4-8 colors). You can also set your Status Bar backgrounds with Styles and Presets, Premium options, and specific styles designed for Notch.

Many options. With frames, you can create your own personal status bar that is completely different than the boring original one. Will definitely change how your phone looks!

Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds

If your phone has a Notch, those are wonderful your Notch Options! Your Notch surely will stand out from the rest!

  1. Hate your Notch? Simply Remove or Hide Notch with this app.
  2. Options to set Transparency, Starting at Boot, Height.
  3. Help Center available if you have problems.

Note: We try to make the app survived through wiping all recent apps, it currently cannot survive deep clear all apps in some phones, please turn it off via setting and choose normal wipe instead.

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