Music Player Vault-Hide App For photo, video, and audio

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Nowadays we store all our own information on our mobile and it is very important to protect it. For example, it includes photos and videos of our loved ones.

We do a lot of things to keep these from being seen by others, but did you know that there is a better application for this?

You may have heard of the wide variety of applications you know, but this Music Player Vault-Hide application that I am going to recommend to you today is very special.

Music Player Vault-Hide App, Download it, you can find more information about it in the website article, read this article carefully to know all this information

About Of Music Player Vault-Hide App On Play Store

Hide Photos, Videos, and audio in your phone safely. Hide photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret passcode.

The app looks like “Music Player”, but if you long press on the Music Player title the SECRET VAULT will open and you can hide photos, videos, and audio.

Music Player Vault is Gallery lock behind the Music Player app . here you can hide images, videos, and audios, enjoy the hidden video, photos, and audios inside the vault (SECRET VAULT have its own video player, audio player, and photo viewer).

You can access SECRET VAULT with fingerprint authentication (if device supported). You can also create a fake account to show the vault empty. You can also share hidden media from the vault with privacy.

Music Player is more than just an audio player, it is a complete privacy locker that gives you safeguard to protect your media (photo, video, and audio).

Main core Features

Hide photo, video, audio, and documents. Here you can hide photos, videos, audio, and documents, it will not be shown in the gallery after hiding files. Vault is behind the Music Player so no one can find your hidden data.

Vault will open with Secret Passcode and FingerPrint. Vault will open with Secret Passcode and FingerPrint that you set for first-time app open.

Fake Vault (Shows empty vault): If someone finds a vault then you can set up fake passcode and the vault shows there are no files. So basically another person can’t see your hidden data.

More Details Of Music Player Vault Hide App

Unhide files easily: You can easily unhide your files whenever you want.

Share files without unhiding: You can share files directly from the vault no need to unhide data first.

In-built image viewer, video player, and audio player: Here you can easily browse your hidden data inside the vault.

Because of the above features, we need Storage access otherwise the app will not work properly.

Music Player Vault Hide App Main Permissions:

Use FingerPrint: This Permission is used to Unlock the vault with your FingerPrint. Read/Write Storage Permission: This Permission is used to hide and unhide files to storage.

Permission for Android 11 devices: Due to the Google system API upgrade, please authorize the permission to access all files. Otherwise, they can not work properly

App Question and Answer

Q. How to open the vault?
A. Long press (Tap and Hold ) on the “Music Player ” title to open the vault.

Q. Where is my hidden data(files) stored?
A. All hidden data(files) are stored in your mobile’s “Phone Storage Memory”.

Nowadays Top Review:

Ayebare Grace: It’s so wonderful and easy to use

NOTE IMPORTANT: When you uninstall this app, Reset or format your phone. Before it Please Unhide All hidden files otherwise your hidden data lose forever. Cleaning tools may affect hidden files.

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