Most Popular Prevent Theft Data Leaks Lock App On lockIO

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In the present era, one’s mobile is a good friend and good relationship for him, while at the same time good storage.

So if his mobile is lost, everyone thinks he has lost his life. As such we need to be very careful about the security on our mobile.

Most importantly, sometimes thieves steal our mobile phones. And our relatives and friends will open our mobile and try to find out the contents of it.

Therefore it is very important to prevent this. The reason. Once the secret of our mobile is known, the details of our life will also be known. It is important to keep our information out of sight.

I’m going to recommend you a great application to help with this. Stay tuned to our website to learn more about this application.

Most Popular Prevent Theft Data Leaks Lock App On lockIO

Details Of Pevent Theft Data Leaks Lock App On lockIO

locked is the Most Complete Security App for Android!, If you ever lose your smartphone or get stolen, you will be exposed to identity theft, fraudulent charges, and data leaks.

The only security app that blocks the power button, protects your privacy and prevents data leaks.

Block the power button of your phone so only you can turn it off. With Applock, protect your apps with a password, PIN, or Pattern to secure your privacy with this unique anti-theft app.

Most Popular Prevent Theft Data Leaks Lock ApP

Main Feature Of Lock App lockIO!

Power Lock: Block the power button and restart options by requesting a password to shut down.

Alarm System: Trigger a loud alarm when maximum incorrect attempts are reached

Vibrate: Vibrates when intruders enter the wrong password

Intruder Selfie: Take a Selfie of the intruder and send it to your email

Power off GPS Location: Send the location of the attempted power off location

SIM Extraction Alert: When your SIM Card is removed, an alarm will start playing

App Lock: Pro Way to Lock Apps with a Password, PIN, or Pattern (Fingerprint scanner Soon!)

Hide Media: Use the Vault to Hide Photos from Gallery or Hide Private videos and voice notes from intruders

Advanced Security: Set a Time Lock, Change Features and Other Security Systems, Select between Pattern, PIN, or Alphanumeric to lock apps and block the power button

Allow this app to use the Android Device Manager access (we request this permission to enable block uninstallation of lock)

Prevent Theft Data Leaks Lock App On lockIO

Use our awesome Vault to secure your privacy and nobody will access your private files without consent.

You won’t have to use phone finder apps with the best app lock on the Play Store.

Our Premium version integrates features that will transform your phone into a house alarm with this awesome security app lock for Android to prevent your phone theft and loss.

We developed a security app to prevent theft, block the power button, and interfere with any action thieves execute after stealing a device.

Best Prevent Theft Data Leaks Lock App

Nowadays Top Review:

Abhinav Anand: The app features are very nice and mind-blowing in regards to the security of the phone.

But it doesn’t support Android 9 or above, that’s why I have given only 2 stars… BTW, it looks good for below Android users… Plzzzzz, update it for Android 9 and above…

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