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Our mobile phone has occasional charging and if we can express some kind of highlight on our mobile phone at such a time, we can definitely do it.

This is nice work that can be done with the photos on our mobile phone, to amaze the viewers. We are going to do this with great Battery Charging Photo Apps.

When using Battery Charging Photo applications like this, the features on our mobile will increase. For example, viewers will be amazed.

Most of the time, the mobile will be back to normal while charging, this Battery Charging Photo App will help you to improve it. Detailed information on how to use and download it can be found in our web article, read it carefully.

About Of Battery Charging Photo App On Play Store

You can crop, customize and edit your photo for the charging screen in a particular ratio which is set by default as per your screen size.

Battery Charging Photo App

How to Use Battery Charging Photo App?

  1. Select your photo from the camera or gallery
  2. You can Crop your photo, Rotate It and Apply zoon in/Out on Photo
  3. You Can apply a Very beautiful Filter to your photo
  4. On Text You Can Add text, Set text color, font Style For text, shadow.
  5. Add multiple stickers and place them on images whenever you like to make it look stunning.
  6. You can easily change wave indicators: wavelength, wave speed, and wave amplitude.
  7. Then WhenEver You will charge your phone it will show the Wonderful Image on your Mobile phone.

You can feel happy whenever you see the beautiful Photo you have edited on your mobile phone screen.

Battery Charging Photo App 2021

Nowadays Top Review:

Lee-Ann Kruger:ย Wow wow this is such a great ap love it hopes you guys do

Jivubaa Developer: Thanks for your love. If you have any questions, please contact us at jivubaadeveloper@gmail.com.

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