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Our web service is cost-effective. All the MB available to us will be used by the applications on our mobile.

Those applications will automatically start absorbing MB art for our service. If we need a better application to prevent this we can definitely not go without using it.

But will continue to use our web service unnecessarily. Disable our mobile applications and we are going to look at a great Net Blocker Block Internet Per application for you to use.

This application is installed and used by almost one crore people. Below you will find the best information about the creator of this application and how to download it.

About Of Net Blocker • Block Internet Per-App App and Maker Info!

Net Blocker allows you to block apps from accessing the internet without root requirements. Please read the descriptions below carefully before using them.

As you know, there are apps and games which may: Access the internet only to display ads or steal your personal data.

Continue to access the internet in the background services even when you exited.

Therefore, you should consider blocking apps from accessing the internet to help:

Block Internet Per-App Features:

  • Safe and easy to use
  • No dangerous permissions
  • Support Android 5.1 and up
  • No root required
  1. Reduce your data usage
  2. Increase your privacy
  3. Save your battery

Note This: This app only sets up a local VPN interface to be able to block the network traffic of apps without root. And it does not request dangerous permissions such as Location, Contacts, SMS, Storage So, you can trust that it does not connect to a remote server to steal your private data. Please feel safe to use!

Net Blocker • Block Internet Per-App Pro download

More Details Of Block Internet Per-App

Because this app is based on the VPN framework of Android OS, so if turned on you cannot use another VPN app at the same time and it may drain the battery.

Some IM apps (Instant Messaging apps, such as Skype) may use Google Play services to receive the incoming messages if the app has no network. So you may also need to block “Google Play services” to block receiving messages for IM apps.

The battery Optimization feature of Android OS may auto disconnect VPN apps in sleep mode to save battery. So you may need to add the Net Blocker app to the whitelist of the battery optimization to keep it working.

This app can’t block Dual Messenger apps because Dual Messenger is a feature of Samsung devices only and it does not support VPN fully.

FAQ: Why can’t I press “OK” button of the dialog?

This problem may be caused by using an app that can overlay other apps, such as blue light filter apps.

Those apps may overlay the VPN dialog, so that cannot press the “OK” button.

This is a bug of Android OS which needs to be fixed by Google via an OS update.

So if your device hasn’t been fixed yet, you may need to turn off the light filter apps and try again.

Net Blocker – Block internet per app Download

Net Blocker • Block Internet Per-App Pro

Best Review:

Butters McGee: LAME RIPOFF This is just the app NetGuard which is a free open source product. One can reuse the code and improve bcoz of this…

But this dude literally just added more ads. That’s it. More ads. You might as well get NetGuard and pay for that cuz then you’re supporting the actual developers who make the app and get updates from the source with far fewer ads

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