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When we share a text message with others through our mobile, it can be very helpful for us to get some help to share it securely. Yes, the Self Text Messages And Files App we are going to see today is a great application.

This is a Self Text Messages And Files application that can be set up so that the most important photos, videos, and text messages are not stolen by others when sent so that we can reach the specific person.

We feel you are very interested in using this application, so we have given below all the clear explanations related to it, please read this article carefully,

This will give you additional information on how to download and use this Self Text Messages And Files App.

Self Text Messages And Files App

About Of Self Text Messages And Files On [Ramnia]

Self Text Messages And Files is a message and file upload service. You can send messages and files via a special link that can only be opened once. The app does not need to be installed on the recipient’s device to access the message or file.

The messages and files are securely encrypted with military-grade encryption (AES-256) inside the app. Once they have been uploaded to the server they are kept in the RAM temporarily. Shutting down the server would result in losing the current data forever.

Self Text Messages And Files App Using Guide

Step 1: Write secrete message and/or select file(s) for upload
Step 2: Click “Create Secret”
Step 3: Copy the link and share it with your recipient

Your recipient can only click the link once. Afterward, the message is destroyed forever. A second view or visit is impossible because we don’t only flag the data that it was called but we also delete the whole message and its attached files forever!

Self Text Messages And Files App 2021

Advantages and Strong Encryption

  1. Every message is encrypted with an individual key inside the app and then transferred by SSL.
  2. We utilize AES with a key length of 256 bits for the client-side encryption. This method has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now used worldwide.

Temporary Data Storage

The data is stored on our servers in the RAM temporarily and will be deleted automatically after a certain time frame. Shutting down the servers would result in losing the unread secrets forever.

Platform Independent

Self Text Messages And Files works on the most common browsers and operating systems. Find our Blog and WebApp under your Website.

Self Text Messages And Files App new

Nowadays Top Review:

Derricq Marlone: I’d purchase and also give it a five-star if you would add a screenshot blocker and also introduce a lifetime purchase. and not to forget the recipients shouldn’t be able to copy messages and files sent until then I’m gonna hit the Uninstall button. Sorry.

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