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We are going to look at the notifications that can come to our mobile, a special LED Blinker Notifications application that can give us in many colors.

This LED Blinker Notifications App will reflect all the SMS notifications you may receive. It has a variety of colors and you can choose those colors yourself.

A special LED Blinker Notifications App that can reflect all the notifications you use, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, in a variety of colors.

Read our website article carefully to know clearly about this LED Blinker Notifications application. Also, downloading it, the feedback from the developer who created this application, etc. are all given below.

About Of LED Blinker Notifications [Lite AoD-Manage lights]

Let LED Blinker Notifications show your missed calls, SMS, and Gmail messages. If you have no hardware led, the screen is used.

Only some applications are supported by the lite version, see advantages of the full version below! All apps are supported in the full version.

It is possible to remove the ADS (see the button at the top or at the menu) but you WON’T get the FULL VERSION!

This app, which is created in material design, is very simple to use and not much configuration is needed!

LED Blinker Notifications App

Functions Of LED Blinker Notifications

  • Works with latest Android KitKat/Lollipop/Marshmallow/Nougat/Oreo/Pie/Android 10 version
  • individual settings for each app, e. g. blink rate, vibration, sounds, and repeats
  • Last notifications overview
  • Last messages overview including messages deleted by your contacts (in-app purchase)
  • Silent mode for every day (enable it for the night to stop blinking)
  • widget to deactivate LED Blinker/remove notifications quickly
  • Screen LED for phones without real LED
LED Blinker Notifications App 2021

Advantages full version & Functions

  • Contact specific colors for WhatsApp, missed call, Telegram, Signal
  • light and dark color scheme
  • Export/import settings (no lost settings when you install new ROMS/mods)
  • Enable the camera flashlight for new notifications (laboratory function – beta)
  • New smart notifications (filter for specific message text)
  • Use app symbols or custom pictures for on-screen LED
  • All apps are supported
  • Facebook messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype messages
  • Twitter, Threema (now with group support)
LED Blinker Notifications App new

Examples for apps with notifications:

  • missed calls and SMS
  • Battery status
  • Google Mail
  • Google Talk/Google Hangouts
  • Calendar reminder notifications
  • Standard EMail App
  • Bluetooth messages (LED goes on when Bluetooth is active)
  • Alternative On-Screen-LED

More Details and Support

AndroidHeadLines: ‘LED Blinker is an Android app that aims to make it much easier to help you figure out which notification is which’ Click Hre

Unlike other apps in this category, you don’t need ‘ROOT’ access to use LED Blinker and this app is very battery friendly! All rights are needed to run the app, lesser are not possible.

The new right to write to SD card is needed for error reports (check menu extras: Debug mode), please send it to mosoft.android@gmail.com if you have found an error.

LED Blinker Notifications App play store

Please check device specific hints at the end!

Fast support is very important for me! (Look at the ratings, thanks to all people!), If you have problems please do a full re-install and/or reboot your phone. Otherwise, contact me on Facebook or Email to get help.

Warning: If your phone speaks after install (Samsung S4, SIII, S3 Mini, S2, Note1, Note2, Note3, LG Nexus 4) you have to disable Samsung TTS (text-to-speech) under settings -> apps manager -> all (on the right) and Google TTS (text-to-speech).
Only needed when you use the accessibility service!

Another solution to fix the talkback issue

You can change the launcher by using another one from the Google Play Store. For example, Solo Launcher – Swift & Smart, Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, and Holo Launcher. These will not exhibit this bug.

For Samsung S4 users: If your phone speaks when opening your browser you have to use another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Hint HTC users: Your phone is NOT supported, you have to use the on-screen led!

Sony Phones: Please disable stamina mode in your device settings. Let your led indicator glow with different colors!

LED Blinker Notifications App play store 2021

Nowadays Top Review:

Cousin Benson: Cannot add all apps in one go, instead have to select them individually. That is why I have given 2 stars because it is so tedious to have to go through each individual app and select it, and I may miss it and then not get any notifications for it. Is it too hard to add an option to select all apps?

Mario Ostwald: Hello yes and that’s why you give 2 stars? Regards

  1. New LED style:: Rotating LED now possible (screen LED – experimental)
  2. Date format and time format are customizable now – see common settings
  3. New option for each app: Sound and vibration could be played in silent profile
  4. Many bug fixes and improvements

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