Language Learning With Streaming Video App [LingoTube]

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In the present era, we can watch a lot of videos on websites, though, in many languages, it is almost impossible if we want to watch those videos in the mother tongue.

Today we are going to recommend you a great application that makes this possible so that you can enjoy listening to any of your favorite videos in any language in any language.

Please read our website article carefully for more information on downloading and using this Language learning with streaming video app.

Plus, through this you have the opportunity to learn a lot, you can clearly learn good things about cultures that are in other languages.

Language learning with streaming video app

About Of Language learning with streaming video App

LingoTube is a dual subtitle (caption) player for English, Spanish, Korean (K-pop), and other language learning!

You can surf and enjoy all the features of the most famous streaming site. LingoTube adds many features to the site for language learning.

Language learning with streaming video

You can also play video files with subtitle files. (Supports SRT, SMI)

  • It provides catalogs for learners. (English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese)
  • Based on your level, you can choose subtitle mode.(foreign language native language / all languages)
  • It changes subtitle mode automatically during play and pause.
  • You can control the playback speed.
  • It supports AB repeat and practice mode. (Listen-> Speak-> Listen)
  • It provides Google-translated subtitles.
  • You can use dictionaries and translations (require third-party apps)
  • You can edit, bookmark, and share subtitles.
  • You can merge subtitles into complete sentences. it is effective for TED videos.
  • When paused, it rewinds to the start of the current subtitle.
Language learning with streaming video

Nowadays Top Review:

Emmanuel Nsubuga: September 9, 2021, 236 Most buttons aren’t working, only to increase or decrease the video speed. Only 1 video worked (from suggested after fresh install) once and after the same video no subs coming up and practice. A message saying I need to turn off Google translate in settings but can’t see the option too. Well amend ratings if I can use the app properly, but 2 stars as suggested videos are at least helpful Please and thanks Edit: No problems after understanding it’s with videos that have subs.

Springwalk, Inc: Sorry for the issue. The app can display subtitles only when the video is subtitled, and the buttons can work. Please check if the videos have subtitles. If you leave here the URLs or links of videos that do not display subtitles, we will look into it. Thank you for using LingoTube.

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