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I would like to take a screenshot of some website pages or photos that I can view on our mobile. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

We are going to see such a free screenshot application. This webpage screenshot capture application has a very special feature.

The screenshot will take you to the website of your choice and it will be very clear. Stay tuned to our website for the most important information such as what the person who created this application has to say, how to use it, and how to download it.

For more information about this application, see the privacy policy of this application, which is available here.

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Details Of Dialer Vault Free Screenshot Capture Application

This free Screenshot Capture is an android app that introduces an easy and quick way to capture high-resolution screenshots with just a tap on the proximity sensor.

Not just videos, you can capture the webpage screenshot capture in several apps such as games, wallpapers, or any type of apps or videos.

If you are tired of pressing a power-volume key every time to take a screenshot then this app can help to capture/take a screenshot without press any button or key.

Screenshot Capture App Permissions Notice

  1. Internet, Access network state: To show ads
  2. External Storage: To save screenshots on storage
  3. Read phone state: Detect incoming or outgoing call
  4. Vibrate: For vibrate device when capturing a screenshot
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Main Features of Proximity Free Screenshot Capture App:

  • Can’t take a screenshot on incoming or outgoing call.
  • Easy-to-Use Operation and Clear Design.
  • Can’t take a screenshot when the device is not in use and the screen is off.
  • Captures high-res screenshots just by tapping the proximity sensor of your phone.
  • Once started, you can capture screenshots while using other apps.
  • Captures high-res screenshots from a video call, app, or game.
  • Works perfectly even on non-root devices.
  • Improve the best performance.
  • Can’t take a screenshot while mobile in the pocket.
  • Fast startup and quick response!
  • And much more

Imporaent Notice & screenshot capture app download

Please Note This: All the captured screenshots are stored in the ‘Pictures/ProximityScreenshots’ folder in Internal Storage, so that you can view them with your favorite image viewer or file manager.

Screen capture requires the user’s consent. So please select ‘Start Now’ in the confirmation window presented after opening the app.
This app supports Android 5.0 (Lolipop) or higher.

Proximity Screenshot Capture provides a quick and easy way to capture screenshots.

This is the best screen capture tool in the world. Don’t miss the best screen capture widget for Android! Download this app for Free now!

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Nowadays Top Review:

Jan Newman: Just downloaded- seems to work great! Small size app! Bit of prob at 1st- app says “tap” the proximity sensor, & you can set # times to trigger for less oops- but didn’t work! Accidentally discovered that on my S5mimi, I simply PASS my finger about 1″ ABOVE the sensor & it works fine! Some handy settings, including a “block” for the phone in pocket oops! Once “turned on” it keeps running in the background & notes that in the notification bar, but can turn off til needed. Can crop pics in phone Gallery.

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