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An average human check his/her phone 80 times a day which means his/her eyes checks the notification area 80 times after beginning the day and before going to sleep.

With the help of this app added notes are shown in the notification bar and are sticky which means they are not swipe-able, unlike general notifications.

The pinned notifications constantly remind you of tasks that are urgent and you fear forgetting. For example filling out an exam form, calling someone or wishing for someone.

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How note pin is different from other notes and reminder apps?

Reminder apps send a notification or ring alarm to which a user mostly dismisses and in spite of getting the reminder forgets to do the task as it gets out of the mind after a few minutes of dismissing the reminder.

In comparison, note pin helps you pin notes or reminders as notifications so that it constantly reminds you every time you unlock your phone or swipe down the notification panel.

Notes Sorting Order: Notes can be sorted on the basis of- priority levels, recently added first and recently added last.

Priority Levels: Notes can be added with three levels, High, Medium and Low. Each note has a colour associated with it which is shown as a symbol in the notification signifying the urgency of the work.

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