Android 3x wider home screen app

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Wide Launcher is a different concept from the standard, existing launchers for Android. The home screen is expanded 3x as wide, and you can place an array of items for use on the screen.

Use the provided various palettes and applets (mini-apps) to more easily utilize your smartphone, and decorate your home screen with diverse wallpapers, frames, stickers, icons, and more.

Wide Home Screen

  1. Offers 3x wider home screen
  2. Smooth scrolling with page breaks
  3. Unrestricted app/object placement (not restricted to Tile view)

Free & Diverse Decorative Themes

  1. 300 wide wallpapers
  2. 200 decor stickers
  3. 200 diverse app icon styles
  4. 200 quality picture frames
Fake Screen LockVoice Screen Lock
Chat LockerAnti Theft

Intelligent Screen

  1. Automatically made app palette
  2. Smart applet with diverse functions
  3. Automated picture frames

Social share theme

  1. Offers home screen share feature
  2. Can easily download diverse themes

Hello pet with 10mil Downloads

  1. Offers more than 10 Hellopets
  2. Make your smartphone come to life with Hello pet!

Privacy Policy: Wide Launcher stores app information placed on the home screen on the server to provide the same home screen settings on other devices. The information is safely stored according to the management policy of the company and is automatically deleted when registering.

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